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Are you lonely? Are you always attracted to the wrong men? Are you afraid of making the same mistakes in love? I am committed to helping people find the relationship of their dreams. People take action when  they have had enough. Have you had enough? Do you hate sleeping alone? Are you tired of being a single? Would you like to be part of a couple? Have you been hurt by someone you love? Have you been dumped? Have you been cheated on? Are you ready to find a man who will cherish you? Let us help you take a  step towards true love in your life. 

Susan Sheppard is the founder of Getting What You Want

Susan Sheppard is the founder of Getting What You Want, a life and relationship coaching organization created for the purpose of providing women entitlement to the power they deserve to have to get exactly what they want in every facet of their life. She is the author of the book "How to Get What You Want From Your Man Anytime", a relationship book that tells everyone in romantic relationships how to be content and have more fun, more sex and less bickering.