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Are you lonely? Are you always attracted to the wrong men? Are you afraid of making the same mistakes in love? I am committed to helping people find the relationship of their dreams. People take action when  they have had enough. Have you had enough? Do you hate sleeping alone? Are you tired of being a single? Would you like to be part of a couple? Have you been hurt by someone you love? Have you been dumped? Have you been cheated on? Are you ready to find a man who will cherish you? Let us help you take a  step towards true love in your life.

Susan Sheppard 

Susan Sheppard is the founder of Getting What You Want

Susan Sheppard has been coaching women and men of all ages to find and keep true love for 22 years. Her company, Getting What You Want, was created for the purpose of providing you entitlement to the power you deserve to get exactly what you want in every facet of your life. In her coaching practice she has developed a unique system designed to create in you a feeling that you are operating in relationships from a position of C L A S S.
On this DVD, she will reveal the contents of her proven system to you. She will teach you how to use her 5 step process to find your perfect partner. Susan's book, "How to Get What You Want from Your Man Anytime" is a relationship strategy for all which works!
Kim Iverson interview with Susan Sheppard

Tanya Brown 

Tanya Brown helps others develop effective coping skills necessary to manage stress, anxiety and depression.

When people think of Tanya it is often in connection with the murder of her sister Nicole Brown Simpson. Tanya will always speak on domestic violence, but she wants people to know what really happened to her as a result of her sister's murder. What people do not know is that she suffered a mental breakdown TEN years after that experience. This breakdown placed her in an in-patient and out-patient program for many months.

Now, through her personal experiences and professional education, she helps others develop effective coping skills necessary to manage stress, anxiety and depression. She emphasizes the significance of proper self-care in achieving and sustaining an optimal quality of life.

Tanya is a certified life coach who helps others to help themselves by providing tools for heightened mental clarity and awareness. She empowers her clients to remain disciplined and focused so they will reach their ultimate goal of optimum mental wellness.

Jack Rafferty  He loves me, he loves me not.

Jack Rafferty is an innovator who has developed simple techniques that are easy to understand and put into practice

Jack Rafferty is an innovator who has developed simple techniques that are easy to understand and put into practice. He has worked with thousands of people who have an interest in creating more conscious, fulfilling relationships.

Jack has thirty years experience as a relationship guide and course facilitator.

Everyone has one thing in common. They are doing the best they can with the knowledge and understanding they have about what it takes to create a mutually rewarding relationship.

Jack's mission has been to expand the horizons of this knowledge

In 1971 Jack was one of the founders of est, a leading organization in the human potential movement. In 1980 Jack turned his focus to relationships. Jack spent the next eight years researching the areas that women and men consistently said were important: Trust, Honesty, Communication, Intimacy and Sex.

During this time he developed a unique approach as a relationship guide and course facilitator.

Jack teaches a dynamic interactive course called The Art of Relating as well as courses in Communication, Intimacy and Sex & Sensuality.

Nancy Ferrari  The Power of Living an Empowered Life

Nancy Ferrari, one of today's most inspiring voices

Acknowledged as one of today's most inspiring voices of transformation, it's Nancy Ferrari's true passion and natural curiosity for our real human potential that's connected her with influential global leaders, including Marsh Engle, Marianne Williamson, and Jean Houston, all of whom she has interviewed.

Deeply dedicated to helping people connect, evolve and discover their true authenticity, core values, and clarity of life purpose, Nancy is the creator of the Essence of You™ coaching program and author of Discover the Essence of You™ where she blends the power of personal development, the art of visioning, and methods to enhance clarity and a solid sense of direction.

As an inspirational speaker and broadcast show host, Nancy shines an innate ability to inspire people to action through her transformational insights and unique perspectives. "The Nancy Ferrari Show" broadcasts each week on KNOC 1680 AM Radio, She is a Certified Essential Feminine Success Leader and facilitator of workshops designed to help women identify and define their unique brand of success.

Nancy Ferrari is available for individual coaching, group programs, keynote speaking engagements, multi-speaker events and radio/television interviews.

For more information about Nancy Ferrari, The Nancy Ferrari Show, and ways to take part in her programs and events, visit:

Peggy Ricks  It's All in the Details

Peggy Ricks, a personal image and color consultant

Peggy Ricks, founder of First Impression, a personal image and color consulting business, has been a California Certified Image Consultant for almost thirty years. In addition to individual private consultations, she has taught classes, given seminars to business organizations, and conducted workshops for women's groups on the art of dressing according to a particular color palette. She graduated from Chapman University, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Home Economics, with an emphasis on textiles. She obtained her certification as an Image Consultant through the fashion institute, Upstairs Downstairs Inc.

The most rewarding aspect of her business, following a color analysis and consultation, is observing the transformation in her client's persona as they become motivated to adapt to new color concepts and combinations.

Her clients readily see the benefits of dressing according to a particular color palette, since it is cost effective and time saving, as well as it builds self-confidence and enhances self-esteem.

In addition to the image and color analysis, Peggy has added a one of a kind jewelry collection to her business. She has the ability to locate unusual and distinctive accessory pieces, prices them very affordably, thereby enhancing a client's complete transformation.

De'Anna Nunez  Fit or Fat~ It's a Mind-Set Thing!

Founder of the Mind Body Fit Club

Founder of the Mind Body Fit Club, a national weight loss and personal development program exclusively for women, De'Anna Nunez is inspired to walk her talk and lead her enthusiastic followers to optimal health. In her book, Burn Your Fat Pants she shares insightful mind-set strategies for living a fit life, drawing upon her expertise as a mind-body strategist, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Specialist, and Marathoner. De'Anna is a regular contributing writer for, the world's largest website resource for fitness activities. Her articles have been named by Active as reaching the ‘Top 10 Most Read ‘ articles on their site. She has also been a respected guest on numerous TV appearances including Fox TV and ABC 13 and is a RRCA Certified Running Coach.

Doris Siksek Muna Energy Healing

Doris Siksek Muna is an energy healing practitioner

Doris Siksek Muna is an energy healing practitioner, consultant and international instructor. Author of The Triangle of Health: Discover Your Healing Journey. She is the founder of Dorothea Healing Essences. A member of the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association of America as a certified practitioner and instructor. Doris started using energy healing 20 years ago on friends and family and later started her practice. Doris uses a combination of the three systems of energy healing: the meridian system, the chakra system, and flower essences including remedies from nature.

Dorothea Healing flower essences were a product of a long love with the flower and plant kingdom that led her to study horticulture, become an herbalist, a florist, study aroma therapy and use essential oils in body healing products. Doris works with flower essences which she uses in her practice and teaches workshops on their application. Doris is a medical intuitive, and uses all aspects of energy to analyze a situation, including Touch for Health, Flower essences, Pranic healing, Paramitas, Herbs, Essential oils, and Feng Shui

Doris achieves excellent results by identifying subconscious self limiting beliefs, and addressing present challenges and lifestyle modifications. She helps unfold the path of your future journey while staying attuned to your personal spiritual growth. Whether physical pain, emotional blockages or spiritual guidance, Doris has an uncanny ability to get to the core of any challenge.

Doris also works with pets, as a healer and animal communicator. She helps owners understand their pet's behavioral patterns, in and out of the home, and with other pets and people. Doris solves physical and emotional challenges that pets go through by communicating with them and applying energy healing. This service can be done in person or over the phone. She loves to work with dogs, cats, birds and horses.

Doris has travelled worldwide and studied with teachers and masters from various cultures with different approaches to wellness. Her caring and loving nature provides her clients with compassion and ease while discussing personal concerns. Doris sees clients in Ventura, and by phone.

Renée Cabourne 

Renée Cabourne is the founder of Money Savvy Woman

Renée Cabourne is the founder of Money Savvy Woman, as well as an Inspirational Speaker, and Author who specializes in helping women reset their mindsets around their money, using their rules, their way.

Being industrious and entrepreneurial as a child, Renée never learned money skills, nor were they taught to her in adulthood. After receiving her Bachelors Degree, she left civil service and pursued a career in financial planning, resulting in becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional (CFP®).

As a successful financial advisor and coach for over 12 years, Renée has used her passion and expertise to help 100's of clients and students transform their financial confusion and struggle into a clear purpose and relationship with money.

She continues to live her passion as the Chairperson of the 2012 Camp Miss Independent Committee for Camp Fire USA-Inland Southern California Council where 14-18 girls are taught the basics of personal finance over a weekend at Camp Nawakwa annually.

Renée is the:

  • Past President of NAWBO-IE
  • Past President of Camp Fire USA-Inland Southern California
  • Founding Personal Financial Education Committee Member of Holy Name of Mary Parish
  • Nominee of 2009 NAWBO-IE Trailblazer Award
  • Nominee for 2009 Los Angeles Business Journal "Women Making a Difference" Award
  • Winner of the 2007 NAWBO-IE A.N.I.T.A. Award